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They both come from Germany and like english very much. So they created this blog. And I think they both laugh about this text. So goodbye. Nadda Lisa


Meet Nadda Meet Lisa
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The truth is,
that you can't escape.
Life will always bring new pain.

by Grey's Anatomy <3
30.9.07 22:05

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BurningWreckage / Website (30.9.07 22:08)
I want to know how you are.
How are you?

fkkn. / Website (1.10.07 14:59)
And why do you want to know this?

BurningWreckage / Website (2.10.07 20:15)
Because I care for you.
I'm intrested in that.
I just ..
I like you, so THATS why I ask.

fkkn. / Website (3.10.07 15:55)

BurningWreckage / Website (3.10.07 17:46)
and, do you think I get an answer ?

Fkkn. / Website (4.10.07 21:50)
No, I don't really think so.

BurningWreckage / Website (4.10.07 22:06)
And why ?

Fkkn. / Website (5.10.07 12:12)
Because I haven't got an answer.

BurningWreckage / Website (7.10.07 20:03)
Do you believe, that I care for you ?

x Psych0freak. / Website (7.10.07 22:36)
Should I believe in this?
Should I believe in anything?

BurningWreckage / Website (7.10.07 22:44)
I think you could.
If you want to.
But you needn't.
And maybe you should wait o believe in this.
But I hope, one day, you're ready.
Hope ..

x Psych0freak. / Website (7.10.07 22:48)
wait o believe in this? huh?
i hate this word.
such a lying word. v.v

BurningWreckage / Website (7.10.07 23:27)
It isn't a lying word.
It's just, .. another word for wait.
Or wish. Something between.
I just wanted to say, that you can whenever you want or need.
Yah ?

x Psych0freak. / Website (7.10.07 23:29)
That I can what? Believe?
Just tell it my heart, not my brain. o.O
Or the other way round.
I don't know anymore.

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